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About us

I was first introduced to the Tamaskan Dog while studying abroad in Edinburgh, Scotland. I was captivated by the appearance of these beautiful dogs. After meeting and interacting with them I quickly became hooked on their sweet and unique personalities. Shortly after moving back to the US in 2016, I began breeder searching and came across Hawthorne Tamaskan. I was lucky enough to bring home my first Tam, Hawthorne Lynx (Call name, Lykos) in the spring of 2017.

Following Lykos, I was very much so bit by the Tamaskan bug. I proceeded to import our stud dog, Freud, from the Netherlands. He came to the U.S. early January 2019. He immediately fit right in. Our third Tamaskan is Wren. She is the "keeper" from our first litter and will hopefully go on to breed one day as well. Orkney, is the keeper from our second litter. He worked his way into our hearts and we just couldn't part with him.

We reside on a farmette in Pennsylvania along with our son, our two non-tamaskan dogs, Otto and Leroy (Bearded Collie and Basset Hound), two horses, three cats and two goats. I am a full-time veterinarian and have decided to try my hand at breeding in an effort to further the breed in genetics, health and temperament. I previously served the TDR as the Chairperson on the Committee of Breeders and TDR's Board of Directors as their Veterinary Advisor. 

Buccleuch Tamaskan strives to breed healthy, well adjusted dogs that adhere as closely to the TDR breed standard as possible.  

Otto, Leroy, Freud, Wren and Lykos
Otto, Leroy, Freud, Wren and Lykos
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